American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.
American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.

6-Year Inspections Focus on Chemical & Cylinder Replacement

Per NFPA 10, every six years, stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers shall be emptied and subjected to internal examination procedures as detailed in the manufacturer’s service manual. The extinguisher is discharged into an approved container, and then the chemical, cylinder, and all parts are inspected and replaced if necessary before the fire extinguisher is recharged and certified.  

Verify the Safety of Your Extinguisher by Scheduling a 6-Year Inspection

When the rebuild is complete, the fire extinguisher should have a verification of service collar around the neck and a label on the back indicating the company who performed the service, the date of service and type of service performed. All internal parts replaced, chemical and labor is included in our price.


If your fire extinguishers are due for a 6-year inspection, please call us to set up an appointment. We want to make sure your equipment is properly maintained and inspected in order to adhere to fire code and keep those around you as protected as possible.

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American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.


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