American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.
American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.

American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc., Ensures Your Safety

American Fire Extinguisher Service Inc. sells discount fire extinguishers to residents and businesses located in or around Pinellas County, Florida. We are your one-stop fire extinguisher company for sales, service, and routine inspections. Whether you need one fire extinguisher or 100 fire extinguishers, we can handle your order. 

We Install & Maintain the Right Extinguisher for Your Needs

Depending on the apparent hazards in your area and the materials you plan to conduct business with, you need a fire extinguisher that will effectively and safely quench any fires that may start. However, you use a different type of chemical on combustible metals than you use for wood or gas fires. Our trained technicians will assess your building occupancy, the potential fire hazards, and the anticipated class of fire before installing and servicing the proper type and size of fire extinguishers to meet the required fire code regulations.   

Stay on Top of Inspections & Part Replacements

American Fire Extinguisher Service Inc. also performs annual fire extinguisher inspections, six-year internal fire extinguisher inspections, twelve-year hydrostatic tests, internal maintenance to dry chemical fire extinguishers and recharges. All internal parts will be replaced, and chemical and labor is included in price. We want all of our clients to learn how to use our products properly and adhere to current fire code regulations, so that in case of an actual emergency, you will know what to do right away.


If you’re interested in a demonstration or installation of our world-class fire extinguishers inside of your home, office, or restaurant, give American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc. a call today! 

American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.


We are a mobile service!  Based In New Port Richey



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American Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.


We are a mobile service! Based out of New Port Richey Fl  727-457-7439

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